Welcome to my world here in the very southern west corner of Northamptonshire, England. I live and work in a 400 year old cottage which along with the countryside that surrounds it, inspires me everyday. My creativity has led me down the path of children's books for over half my life so far and lately I have diversified into heirloom doll making and I run regular retreats at a chateau in southwest France where I share my passion to make beautiful things to treasure forever.


My Work

I work in any medium that I feel works for a particular project and love to adapt my style to suit the audience I am writing or illustrating for. After arriving in London with my portfolio all those years ago, I have illustrated hundreds of books and worked alongside some of the most wonderful authors and publishing houses that our world has to offer. I have also been fortunate enough to have my own writings published with nine books now available in bookshops across the world.



I am happily represented by Plum Pudding Illustration

For children's publishing enquiries please contact Hannah Whitty

For Wilderstitch or chateau retreat enquiries please contact me directly and visit www.wilderstitch.com

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